Cobalt Capital® is a multi-stage investment firm that partners with the next generation of digital content, technology, consumer, and lifestyle businesses. Through the firm’s deep roots in culture and consumer experience investing, Cobalt cultivates meaningful partnerships with entrepreneurs and business leaders creating strategic value for investors.

Cobalt Capital® invests with exceptional teams to help them scale their vision. Cobalt leverages its connection to culture, creative approach to investing, and unique domain expertise to drive significant strategic value for its investors and entrepreneurs alike.

The Opportunity:

Shifts in consumer preferences, changing technology and evolving cultural dynamics have generated unprecedented opportunities for entrepreneurs to build transformative and durable companies in the technology, media, and consumer experience economy. Cobalt Capital® is uniquely positioned to partner with those business leaders to create meaningful outcomes and help evolve the businesses of tomorrow.

Our Strategy:

At Cobalt, we understand that culture shapes how people spend their time and money. Through a thesis-driven approach, Cobalt invests in rising technology companies that impact culture in the most dynamic and growing part of the technology, media, and consumer economy. We invest with passionate and intelligent teams who use technology to connect with their audiences in smarter and better ways.

Our Process:

Leveraging our decades-long experience, domain expertise, networks, and resources, Cobalt partners with exceptional entrepreneurs at the growth stage to help them scale their vision. From sourcing to our operational strategies, we invest and drive significant strategic value to deliver strong returns by partnering with companies early in their growth life cycle.